Sign & Stitch Quality:

Window Signs
We can make sticky back quality vinyl signs that will stick to virtually any flat surface.
Parking Signs
Pesky neighbors parking in your spot? We've got you covered.
Yard Signs
Neighbor still parking in your spot? Put one of these in his yard!
Metal Signs
We can screen print any logo on metal signs for your business.
Large Signs
Need a large sign? We can do it!
Realty Signs
We can screen print metal Realty and or Business signs, too!

Quality standards:



Our signs and banners are made with quality backing and vinyl lettering. These signs will not wear like most other signs. They are made to last.


Weather Resistant

Since we use vinyl to make our signs, they will withstand the Kansas weather better than any other product on the market.


Any Size, Any Color

We can match colors and make your sign or banner as big or small as you need.

There is no comparison to the quality of our signs.

The lettering and logos are vinyl and the sign can one of many materials. Metal, plastic, glass, you name it!